A full-stack digital marketing company that
uses a consultative approach combining
creativity and technology to solve marketing problems.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in the digital world, hence we focus on developing customised marketing strategies that deliver measurable and long-term results.

The Moon

Every brand has a story that’s waiting to be told. And we use content as not just a means to tell that story, but a vehicle to drive change. In a world where conventional online marketing is no longer enough, we’re leading the charge in creating compelling stories that capture the attention of today’s users. The Moon is not just a production house but a creative force that strives to craft exceptional work that soars past brand objectives. Join us on our journey #ToTheMoon.

The Hunt

Data is the new oil, and we’re passionate about leveraging its power to drive long-term growth for our clients. We help businesses move beyond isolated data silos and embrace a cohesive approach to data analysis. The Hunt was created to provide businesses with a holistic approach that takes into account macro and micro factors. Our ever-evolving process allows us to continuously iterate and optimise message deployment to the intended audience, giving our clients a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Case Studies

Transforming a celebrity dependant brand into a 1,000 Cr movement aimed to inspire a billion Indians, built over half a decade through digital mediums.

Modernizing a traditional brick and mortar business by growth-hacking online revenue to more than 10x in the span of 2 years.

03. Rosta

Digital transformation of a Celebrity led Brand to India’s largest Home-grown Athleisure Brand in the span of 5 years

A robust GTM strategy to launch and build Inda’s first Protein Water Brand.

Reviving the digital presence through specialised media campaigns and organic social listening to consistently create 1M impressions on X every quarter.

Moulding the digital narrative of Asia’s Safest Bank through various product launches, humanitarian initiatives, banking innovations and a M&A with LVB.

Clients we work with

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Awards and Recognition


Mad Over Marketing

Selling a Crore worth of products with ZERO rupees spent? We go beyond building just creatives and calendars. Watch our award winning campaign here.



Building and equipping India with a SaaS tool to help streamline hospitals during the pandemic. When it comes to impact, this campaign goes beyond numbers.


Social Samosa

Half a decade of building virtual communities, watch how we are chasing the dream to inspiring a billion Indians to be the best version of themselves.

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