A flagship brand of Royal Dry Fruits Pvt. Ltd, Rostaa looked to redefine the way we perceive and consume dry fruits, dried
fruits and berries. Rostaa sources the finest quality nuts and berries from farms across the globe, operating as India’s leading
organised set-up in the branded superfood category.


A lack of online strategic direction hindered Rostaa’s digital presence. Rostaa outsourced their distribution which in turn meant they lost control over their margins. Additionally, Rostaa wasn’t listed on various e-commerce channels resulting in poor presence and in turn sales.


We helped in-source Rostaa’s distribution, set up and list Rostaa on every e-commerce platform along with training their dispatch team and setting up processes for dispatch and shipping. Through digital media we started a conversation, encouraging healthy living not only for health enthusiasts but everyone looking to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle.




A campaign that encouraged ‘Doubling the celebrations of Diwali by sharing the goodness of Rostaa with loved ones’. A digital chain was initiated with 27 influencers who posted a picture of a Rostaa hamper, tagging the person they would want to share it with.

20,40,488 video views


New Year resolutions tend to break within the first month. #NayaSaalPuraniAadat looked to instill habits by our parents, siblings or friends that over time were forgotten. We collaborated with Shivesh, Chef Chinu Vaze, Navreet Kaur and Yasmin Karachiwala to reminisce and bring back a particular habit that they remember from their childhood.

8,30,000 video views


A year long campaign Rostaa embarks on a journey to play an essential part of every individual’s endeavor to eat cleaner and live a healthier lifestyle by being present in moments that allow us to pause, reflect and cherish the finer aspects of life.


Rostaa has ventured into a niche gourmet dry fruit market, successfully positioned itself as a premium brand and has helped defeat the notion of dry fruits being ingredients for baking or cooking only. The scope of the brand is now widened through content relating healthy eating to the daily lifestyle of every individual. Since our involvement with Rostaa, a 5x Revenue growth was observed on, 3x revenue growth in the first quarter with BigBasket and an overall 2x growth of Rostaa products across top 5 e-commerce portals. In 2018, Rostaa won the Amazon Star Performer Award for its Sponsored Ad campaigns that helped deliver 12x worth of sales between October 2017 – October 2018