Elevating new possibilities by plummeting the cost per lead.


Founded in 1874, the Schindler Group is responsible for trasporting over

everyday with their elevators, escalators, and moving walks. HOWL architected an approach to not only maximise lead generation, but turn digital media into a source of revenue at a miniscule cost.


Generate relevant leads for Schindler’s various services and technology pan India with the sole aim of generating
businesses. The key touch point was pre-defined as the website.

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Spike in website clicks
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Spike in leads
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Drop in cost per lead


The Sniper Approach was implemented to target
clusters of predefined audiences set by the brand.

Planning & Design Tools

Catered to Architects & Developers involved in planning during the real estate engagement & ideation phase.

Modernisation Tools

Catered to estate managers & housing secretaries looking to modernise/
replace equipment in current structures.

Execution Overview


Through the above activities and funnels, Schindler has redefined
their lead generation process in the country. A digital opportunity
was created for a legacy brand to continue changing how the world