SCHINDLER INDIA Elevating new possibilities by plummeting the cost per lead. Context Founded in 1874, the Schindler Group is responsible for trasporting over everyday with their elevators, escalators, and moving walks. HOWL architected an approach to not only maximise lead generation, but turn digital media into a source of revenue at a miniscule cost. Objective […]


American Express India Don’t Live Life Without It From freight forwarding to travel to cards to innovative digital products and services, transformation has been a cornerstone for American Express India. With a vision to provide the world’s best customer experience every day, American Express India partnered with HOWL to create and deploy a vast communication […]


MSMEs and SMEs are the backbone of the Indian economy. However, shopkeepers get so caught up in tedious day-to-daytasks, leaving them with no time to consider the bigger picture –focus on building their business. Enter Zadinga An app with a simple but clear vision: empower local shopkeepers & businesses to establish their online presence and […]




GO GLOBAL WITH NIYO GLOBAL A Neo Bank with a clear aim: Transfom how Indian’s travel across the globe with ONE card Niyo Global offered 0 remittance chargers among many other benefits that made travelling outside the country a lot more accessible. Focused on the youth that was ready for adventure (and saturated with lockdowns), […]


boost360 Equipping businesses to go online, by catalysing an app’s downloads. Context Boost 360 is helping thousands of Indian SMBs create their website, accept online orders, as well as providing them with digital marketing tools to promote theirbusiness. Objective Drive relevant installs to push in-app purchases for SMEs spread across various sectors that includeManufacturing, Retail, […]


Amzon Prime Music Included with Prime With every Amazon Prime subscription, one gets to avail an array of services including amazon prime music The Need But unfortunately this is not common knowledge. Most people tend to use Prime just for delivery and then video. Brand needed prime users to download Amazon Prime Music at no […]

Between US

Let’s start with an Acchi Aadat Population Services International (PSI) is a nonprofifit global health organization, based in Washington, DC. Looking to expand their presence across India, PSI, kick-started a platform to reach, educate and empower individuals not only from metro cities but all parts of India through their newly launched platform, Between Us. That’s […]


ROSTAA Envision ABOUT ROSTAA A flagship brand of Royal Dry Fruits Pvt. Ltd, Rostaa looked to redefine the way we perceive and consume dry fruits, dried fruits and berries. Rostaa sources the finest quality nuts and berries from farms across the globe, operating as India’s leading organised set-up in the branded superfood category. THE CHALLENGE […]